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for Psychoenergetic Consciousness

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Our Quantum Consciousness Cultivation Curriculum

The Human Radio’s  Quantum Consciousness Cultivation Curriculum outlines the scientific framework for what makes Psychoenergetics possible. It also makes generally complex subjects and disciplines easier to understand, which helps everyday citizens position themselves at the forefront of scientific discovery.

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Services for Developing Psychoenergetic Consciousness

Our services for developing Psychoenergetic Consciousness use performed by practitioners highly skilled in Psychoenergetic Science, an acute type of thought intention visualization clinically demonstrated to harnesses and project subtle spiritual energy. Our services are available to people of all religions, cultures and national affiliations.

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Mission to Advance Awareness of Psychoenergetic Science

Our global mission to advance Psychoenergetic Science Awareness has several components. These are based on the firsthand understanding that cultivating spiritual consciousness through thought intention projection has the inherent ability to rapidly accelerate human evolutionary development both individually and collectively speaking.

What is Psychoenergetic Science?

“For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call ‘physical reality.’ Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are and Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it.”

William Tiller, PhD

Professor Emiritus, Stanford University, Founder of the Tiller Institute

What is Psychoenergetic Science? Psychoenergetic Science is a cutting edge experimental discipline in modern physics. In clinical settings, Psychoenergetic Science has demonstrated the ability to harness the power of human thought intention, then project that intention outward into “physical reality” beyond the confines of a test subject’s own mind.

The results of the ever-growing body of clinical Psychoenergetic Science research and experimentation demonstrate that the human mind is capable of altering subtle-electromagnetic frequencies and even molecular compositions of physical objects at proximal distances without any direct physical interaction/contact occurring between the test subject and his or her variable. In an “everyday” sense, Psychoenergetic Science practitioners also have the acute ability to mold and shape physical reality to match their thought intentions in their personal, professional and academic lives.

Psychoenergetic Science is not a religious practice, nor is it genetically inherent to any one gender, culture or race. Instead, almost every human being in existence has the inherent, genetic predisposition to become a Psychoenergetic Science practitioner…. if he or she undertakes the cultivation process that facilitates the level of human evolutionary development required to actualize the mind’s ability manipulate physical, matter-based reality.

The result of this cultivation process is a sustainably heightened state of awareness we call “Psychoenergetic Consciousness.”

Cultivating Psychoenergetic Consciousness

Cultivating Psychoenergetic Consciousness can fundamentally alter a human being’s daily existence in several acute ways. Byproducts of Psychoenergetic Consciousness cultivation include heightened awareness of the thoughts, feelings and intentions of yourself and others, demonstrating “on-demand” intuitive and/or precognitive faculties, enhanced mental, emotional and physical wellness…. and, of course, the skillset necessary to begin projecting mental intentions into physical manifestation.

Because of these alternations, Cultivating Psychoenergetic Consciousness is revolutionarily life-altering. It is also scientifically definable and tangibly quantifiable thanks to the ever-growing body of research and experimentation in the field of quantum physics. 

At The Human Radio Educational Research Project, we have developed a comprehensive, effective and most importantly, easily accessible blueprint for cultivating Psychoenergetic Consciousness. In order to cultivate Psychoenergetic Consciousness, we must first re-conceptualize the nature of ourselves in relation to our Universe-at-large. This development process is called “Quantum Consciousness.”  If you are ready to learn more about Quantum Consciousness curriculum, we welcome you to click on the button below….

Advancing Pyschoenergetics Development

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The Human Radio Educational Research Project provides various services for advancing Psychoenergetics development via Psychoenergetic Science experimentation for both the public-at-large and our private student body. We celebrate freedom of choice and human free will, and we welcome visitors and students for as brief or long a time as they choose. At no time are students, or the public-at-large bound to us, and vice versa.

The Human Radio Educational Research Project is an organization dedicated to helping advance Psychoenergetics from a laboratory-based endeavor to a daily life phenomenon people of all walks-of-life can participate in. We are a private organization that does not release personal information and records to governments, governing or regulating bodies.

The Human Radio Educational Research Project is not a religion. In fact, we are grateful to work with people of all cultural and religious backgrounds worldwide who wish to undertake the self-experimentation necessary to elicit acute Psychoenergetics responses in their everyday conscious existences.

We welcome you to learn more about us, and if you have questions about cultivating Psychoenergetics development with our assistance, please reach out to us directly.


Have Questions?

If you have any question about how The Human Radio can help you cultivate psychoenergetic consciousness, please reach our to us directly….