11 Dimensional Consciousness

Course III

Course III: 11th Dimension Human Thought Intention

Course Outline: This course delves deeper into our multidimensional Universe by quantifying it as an 11 dimensional structure. Within this 11 dimensional structure, humans exist as 11th dimension beings with the acute ability to access and traverse all 11 dimensions through thought intention projection. This makes consciousness a force of active creation and not a passive state of observational being. If you have not yet taken Courses I and II, we recommend going back and doing so in order to fully understand the references we make to them in this course discussing 11th dimension human thought intention.

Debunking Descartes’ Substances Theory

a persons eye looking out at the Universe

In Course I, we discussed in-depth the prevalence over the past 400 years to either marginalize, or outright exclude, the role in consciousness in the scientific equation. To recap here, it was believed that the inert and changeless nature of the physical material comprising the Universe, and man’s fundamental separation from all other physical matter, warranted little or no need to look into consciousness as anything more than a passive state of awareness.

Instead, man’s primary purpose was to observe the workings of nature around him, record those workings as theories of Universal functions and processes, and then test his records through proven scientific discourse (like mathematical equations) to determine the validity of his hypotheses. We call this the Passive Observer Hypothesis.” Even when a theorist chose to engage in the discussion of consciousness, it usually involved assumptions supporting passive observer hypothesis. Take, for example, Descartes Substances Theory.

In 1637 the natural philosopher and mathematician Renee Descartes published his Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences. In his discourse, Descartes posited what he called his “Substances Theory.” Descartes Substances Theory states the Universe was comprised of two separate substances, mind, which he called the ”thinking substance” and matter, which he called the ”extended substance.” To Descartes, and a large majority of his fellow scientists like Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and Robert Boyle, the thinking substance will always remain passive in its ability to observe the extended, physical substance all around it.

Because the physical substance was always assumed to be separate from the mind by the massive amount of dead space that comprises most of the 4-dimensional Universe, its sole purpose was to passively observe that which is physically real around it. Or, in other words, the mind (and consciousness with it) will always be less real (and therefore less scientifically valid) than the physical world. For reference, here is Descartes Substances Theory in linear format:

As you can see, Mass, the extended substance, and Energy, the thinking substance, remain separated by the “|” which represents the physical confines of the passive observer. In a 4-dimensional Universe, Descartes Substances Theory is the only plausible way to describe the relationship between consciousness and everything consciousness observes. However, in our multidimensional Universe, Descartes Substances Theory sells consciousness short…. to the tune of seven dimensions and approximately 95% of the energy-frequency vibrations that comprise the non-physical component of the implicate order.

Non-Physical Thought Intention Projection

human thought intention projection graphic image example

Stanford University Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering William A. Tiller spent his 40+ year academic career amassing a plethora of experimental research proving consciousness is a non-physical force of creation that actually has the ability to directly influence physical matter (or Descartes’ “Extended Substance’) without “hands-on” physical interaction. Tillers extensive body of research and experimentation marks the beginning of “Psychoenergetic Science” in a clinical sense.

Through his extensive Psychoenergetic Science research, Tiller demonstrated the positive correlation between human thought intention, which involves consciously projecting mental information outward toward physical objects, and the manipulation of electromagnetic particles relating to those objects.

This included his well-known intention imprinted electronic device and water molecule experiments. In the first set of experiments, Tiller wanted to see if human thought intention could elicit a marked change in the electromagnetic field around an electrical device without any direct or proximal contact with that device. This series of experiments featured four test subjects highly proficient in advanced thought intention projection techniques. You can listen to Dr. Tiller’s technical descriptions of his though intention experiments,  and then scroll down for the layman’s breakdown about how Psychoenergetic Science has the potential to revolutionize scientific inquiry into both physical and non-physical consciousness:

Tiller and his research team constructed intention imprinted electrical devices (IIEDs) that are designed to detect and measure energy fields existing very locally (within a matter of inches) around the each device. The devices were sealed in electrically grounded container called Faraday Cages. They were placed in an isolated room that was not in direct, or even proximal, contact with his test subjects. In fact, his subjects were not shown the exact physical location of the room.

Tiller’s four human variables entered deep meditative states, and then they were directed to project, or “imprint” their thought intentions onto the intention imprinted electrical devices inside the Faraday Cages. Once this state of conscious connectedness was achieved, they were directed to visualize themselves purifying the energy field in and around the devices. Tiller then directed the test subjects to project a cleansing thought intention around the device for 10-15 minute time periods.

schematic diagram of Tillers single oscillator thought intention device

A schematic diagram of Tiller’s single oscillator intention imprinted electronic device. Taken from Tiller, Dibble and Kohane Article in Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal Article, Vol 11 No 3

schematic diagram of Tillers triple oscillator thought intention device

A schematic diagram of Tiller’s triple oscillator intention imprinted electronic device. Taken from Tiller, Dibble and Kohane Article in Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal Article, Vol 11 No 3

Upon Tiller’s direction, the test subjects released the intention from their minds, and they then were ordered to meditatively reseal the cages. During the imprinting process, each device measured marked changes in electromagnetic frequency. When his subjects would release their thought intentions, the devices would return to their baseline readings, which indicated the same electromagnetic frequency spectrum existing before the experiment began.

In the second set of experiments, Tiller’s four test subjects projected their thought intention imprints to positively affect the alkalinity and acidity pH of purified water molecules. Through projecting their intentions to alter the water composition, they elicited an alteration by a degree of one pH. One pH represents a manipulation in the hydrogen ions present by a factor of ten.

Just how significant is a one-pH alteration? Well, if the human body experiences a one-pH change in its molecular water composition, the human being experiencing that change would either be dead, or actively in the process of dying. ​

a schematic illustration of Tillers water pH device

A schematic illustration of Tiller’s water pH intention imprinted device. Taken from Tiller, Dibble and Kohane article in Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal Article, Vol 11 No 3

Due to the huge ramifications of a one-pH alteration, Tiller was initially skeptical of his own conclusions. As a result, he went to great lengths to ensure his findings did not result from any atmospheric variables such as temperature or airflow. To confirm his findings, he sent the electrical devices and water for independent testing by a laboratory in Minnesota, some 1500 miles away from his office on the Stanford campus.

He sent both pH altered water and devices, as well as water and devices his test subjects had not imprinted their thought intentions upon. The devices remained in Faraday Cages wrapped in foil, and he sealed the water vials in two faraday cages also wrapped in foil. Even his research team did not know whether they were sending the imprinted vials and devices, or the ones in an un-altered state.

remote locations chart for Tillers water molecule experiments

Geographical location map of remote IIED sites for Tiller’s water molecule experiments.Taken from his Tiller – Towards a Quantitative Science and Techology Paper titled “Toward a Quantitative Science and Technology that Includes Human Consciousness.”

In the years following the initial round of water molecule experiments at Stanford, Tiller’s research team decided to expand water molecule experimentation by taking it remote laboratories throughout the United States (Figure 5). In order to ensure impartiality, each site received pH monitoring equipment directly from the manufacturer, purified water directly from Fisher Scientific, and IIEDs from the non-profit Tiller Institute in Payson, Arizona. With extensive checks and balances in place to weed out any false results, the data came back overwhelmingly positive indicating that the same pH alterations experienced at Stanford were experienced over a several month period of time after setup in the other locations. 

The results of Tiller’s intention imprinted electronic device and water molecule experiments scientifically validate the reality that consciousness is a force and not a state of being. He also invalidated Descartes’ Substances Theory, while drawing the boundaries and limitations of scientific materialism in general into question. Versus Descartes “separate but equal” linear model of mass and energy, Tiller’s experiments redraw said model to look like this:

Read from right to left, Tiller experimentally demonstrated that consciousness projects information, which influences (or manipulates) energy, which then influences (or manipulates) mass, or the fundamental building block of particulate (matter-based) physical objects. You will notice that there is no longer any separation between the observer and that which he or she is observing. Instead, the observer and observed are both integral and equal components of one larger system, which is represented by Bohm’s implicate order.

In fact, Bohm himself canonized the human being as part of the implicate order system during the course of his research. Bohm defined two distinct yet interdependent states of human conscious existence: “The Physical Person and Life” and “The Non-Physical Person and Life.”

This congruent energy-frequency/mass-matter framework for human existence is validated by the results of his concentric cylinder experiments —wherein the energy-frequency oscillations comprising the implicate order maintain a consciously intelligent structural composition when controlling (or gluing together), yet at the same time remaining distinct from, the four-dimensional, mass-matter based physical self.

Of course, Tiller’s experiments also further validate both the physical and non-physical person and life. In fact, Tiller’s research goes one step further than Bohm and everyone else before him, in that Tiller was able to identify and quantify the 11 dimensions that comprise human beings, and serve as the entirety of physical and non-physical human consciousness: The 11 Dimensional Human Bio-Body Suit.

The 11 Dimensional Human Bio-Body Suit

a graphic representation of the multiple dimensions comprising a human being

Like Bohm before him, Tiller’s experiments demonstrated that only a minute fraction of a human being is actually physical in a mass-matter sense. Based on the structured framework constituting our implicate order Universe-at-large, the physical component of a human being is “glued” together by its non-physical component. Tiller calls the combination of our physical and non-physical components the “Human Bio-Body Suit.”

Tiller’s research demonstrates our human bio-body suits consist of five total layers of energy-frequency vibrations, with each layer comprising its own distinct dimensions, totaling 11. Of these 11 dimensions, only the base four contain magnetic monopole substances that have long enough wavelengths and low enough energy vibrations to allow them to condense into physical constructs we know as the dimensions of: length, width, depth/breadth and time.

The other seven dimensions are still comprised of magnetic monopole substances of course, but these are higher vibrational and therefore occupy the dimensionary realms of what physicists call dark matter and dark energy. These higher seven dimensions are the “glue” holding the lower four together. All 11 layers are also inseparable parts of the implicate order Universe-at-large, which itself must be at least an 11 dimensional construct.

human bio body suit 11 dimensional structure graphic image

A graphic representation of the 11 dimesions and 5 layers comprising the Human Bio Body Suit based on Physicist William Tiller’s extensive research and experimentation (image from the book “Conscious Acts of Creation” by William Tiller Ph.D., Walter Dibble Ph.D. and Michael Kohane Pd.D and is the property of these authors)

bio body suit monopole interaction graphic image

A graphic representaion of the monopole-based makeup of the 11th dimensional Human Bio Body Suit, and how this makeup interacts along the electromagnetic spectrum (image from the book “Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution” by William Tiller Ph.D. and is the property of the author)

Going further in-depth based on the graphic representations above, the outermost layer of the bio-body suit, “the dermal layer,” is comprised of particle-based electromagnetic monopole substances. This layer, which reacts to outside energy outside by attracting and repelling other particulate-based organisms or objects, based on a static charge-discharge capacity, is wholly 4-dimensional. In this context and of all 100% available energy-frequency in the Universe, the mass-matter comprising our dermal bio-body suit layer accounts for approximately 5%.

The dermal layer is the densest of all bio-body suit layers mass-matter wise, and therefore oscillates at the lowest and slowest rate of the strings comprising every other layer in our bio-body suits. As we move away from the dermal layer, string concentration decreases while vibration rate increases. This means from dimensionary layers five on up, the monopole magnetic strings vibrate much higher and purer in an energy-frequency sense, and therefore become less and less dense in a mass sense.

The first inner layer of the bio-body suit is called the “wave substance layer.” This layer is partially 4-dimensional, but is fashioned more from higher vibrational strings gluing dermal mass-matter to the purer energy-frequency based layers. Interestingly enough, modern research being performed on quarks, which are unstable subatomic substances that do not qualify as particles or energy-frequency waves but fall in between the two, corresponds with Tiller’s description of the wave-substance layer.

Tiller describes the wave substance layer as containing a physical presence, but more in an unstable dark mass state than a well-formulated particulate matter state. As we discussed in Course II, quarks also exist in this unstable dark mass state. We know quarks help comprise protons, neutrons, electrons and their exotic cousins, baryons. In this regard, quarks serve as the bridge between energy-frequency and mass-matter, which is exactly what the wave substance layer does for the bio-body suit, which indicates this layer is particularly heavy in the presence of quarks.

Beneath the first inner layer lies the second. The second inner layer is comprised of “emotional domain substances,” which we will call emotional energy-frequency vibrations. The second inner bio-body suit layer is a 9-dimensional structure. The third inner layer is fashioned from “mind-domain substances,” which we will call mental energy-frequency vibrations. This layer is a 10-dimensional structure.

The three inner bio-body suit layers construct a physical vacuum, which (during our lifetimes) locks in an 11th dimensional energy Tiller calls the “Spirit Self.” The spirit self is the most complex and interconnected of all bio-body suit layers. It is also the least physically dense and thus, the most highly (and if tuned correctly, purely) oscillating one. Based on its intimately strong connection to the implicate order, under optimal conditions the spirit self can emanate out the farthest and broadest of all layers. It accomplishes this because it is not bound to the four base dimensions like the dermal and wave substance bio-body suit layers are.

In the case of Tiller’s test subjects, their ability to project their thought intention output , via the spirit self’s connection to the mental energy-frequency vibrations outward, allowed them to consciously connect with the implicate order and thus, use it to alter physical, mass-matter based reality outside of themselves.

To put this chain of command in its proper perspective, the 11 dimensional spirit self feeds audial, visual and tactile signals to the mind, or the second innermost layer. The intra layer connections between the mind layer and the emotional, magnetic and ultimately, dermal layers allow for the spirit self’s intention to emanate outward and downward. This outward and downward emanation results in an eventual 4-dimensional, physical action. Or spirit self influences mind, which then feeds each successive layer until ultimately, the spirit self/mind layers consciously alter not only matter, but also the reality matter exists within.

Amending Quantum Decoherence

dominos falling into one another demonstrates the law of cause and effect

We must take a moment here to revisit our discussion of the law of cause and effect in Course II…. and specifically, where local versus non-local interaction is concerned. Of course, localization means that in order for an effect to occur, the cause of that effect must be related to it in a proximal distance sense. And of course, in a Universe made up of only four dimensions, localization would indeed be the only scientifically plausible explanation for action and interaction between all things small and large.

A growing number of physicists concede that on a particle level, the Universe reacts in a way Einstein believed was “spooky.” However, “Decoherence Theory” is still widely employed across the scientific establishment to explain why the quantum (or particle) level has a different set of rules than the relative (or physically/visually apparent) level.

Decoherence Theory states larger objects must be localized in relation to others than particles need to be. In other words, particles can behave strangely but once enough of them combine to make a larger object, strong gravitational forces must take over. So, basically stated, a person (guided by strong gravitational force) cannot possibly elicit a response from a person or object without being in direct physical proximity of that person or object to cause a response to occur in the first place.

Of course, in a Universe made up of only four dimensions, decoherent localization would indeed be the only scientifically plausible explanation for action and interaction between a large group of particles, like people and planets alike.

However, in our 11 dimensional Universe, we must amend decoherence theory to suit the larger, interconnected fabric of consciousness we exist in. We call this “Quantum Decoherence.” Quantum Decoherence states that localized decoherence only applies to the 4-dimensional, physical portion of the human bio-body suit. As Tiller’s test subjects demonstrated time and again, the other 7 non-physical dimensions do not adhered to the same time-based causational factors necessary to prove an interaction took place. The non-physical person and life is not held to strong gravitational forces, and instead operates on electromagnetism, which negates the need for an action that requires an opposite reaction to occur in seconds, minutes, hours or days.

Physicist Tiller even detailed Quantum Decoherence’s effect on the non-physical layers of the human bio body suit in his Stanford White Paper on Cause and Effect. But what are the boundaries or confines of Quantum Decoherence in relation to the non-physical portion of our 11 dimensional Universe? Well, and as we are about to discuss, we are not 100% sure as of yet, but we do know that they are both pretty far out and at the same time, pretty far in…. 

The SRI Remote Viewing Experiment of 1972

a remote viewer projecting their spirit self

The SRI remote viewing experiment took place in late 1972, right about the time William Tiller was beginning his Psychoenergetic Experimentation, and just down the street at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto, California, where the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded a small research project.

Stanford Physicists Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ oversaw the SRI remote viewing experiment, and over the past few decades both men have become very open with its results in public forums as well as their own writings.

The purpose of the SRI remote viewing experiment was to discover an extra-sensory perception (ESP) phenomenon capable of being verifiably produced and experimentally repeated on demand. ESP phenomenon was of great interest to the CIA because of reports coming out of the Soviet Union regarding the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti’s (KGB’s) employment of individuals with extra sensory abilities for the purpose of intelligence gathering.

Basically stated, the KGB had spent years recruiting people with the proven “psychic” abilities to place themselves in deep meditative states to spy on events, locations and people considered of interest to Soviet Intelligence. This practice is called “remote viewing,” because information gathering takes place without having to physically put a spy directly in harm’s way to obtain data. 

the SRI remote viewing team at a symposium in 2002

From Left to Right: Russell Targ, Ingo Swann, Stephen Schwartz and Harold Puthoff at a symposium on remote viewing in 2002 –this image is the property of, and gratefully used here with permission by Author and Researcher Paola Harris

Several test subjects were recruited to participate in the SRI remote viewing experiment, including a young man named Ingo Swann. Swann had earned a stellar reputation within the metaphysical community in California for his ESP proficiency. Swann and the other remote viewers the CIA recruited were very proficient in a specific kind of thought intention spirit self projection.

This proficiency allows them to maintain conscious control of their 11th dimensional spirit selves to the point it can partially discorporate from the dermal-wave substance layers of their bio-body suits. By maintaining conscious control of the discorporation process, their spirit selves can venture wherever they are directed to within the implicate order across four-dimensional space-time. This takes place while remote viewers remain consciously aware of their surroundings and thus, are able to intake directives and relate applicable data to the research team in live time.

a graphic image representing a remote viewer sending his spirit self across the implicate order

A graphic representation of a remote viewer projecting the spirit self layer of the human bio-body suit out to the implicate order for intelligence gathering

For the first several months of the SRI remote viewing experiment, Swann and his colleagues were overwhelmingly successful at sensing and identifying small objects encased in boxes that were separated by walls and room spaces. After repeated success, Swann became dissatisfied with what he considered mundane research targets, which led him to suggest more challenging experimental conditions to perform under. Upon receiving the go ahead from Puthoff and Targ, Ingo chose the (then) recent launch of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft to conduct an analysis of its eventual target destination, the planet Jupiter.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had launched the Pioneer 10 Space Probe on March 2, 1972 to flyby and observe Jupiter. This flyby was to occur beginning on November 6, 1973. Before this launch, no man-made craft had journeyed that far beyond Earth’s orbit, so Pioneer 10 represented the first and closest eyes on Jupiter in the history of humankind…. or maybe not.

This is because on a Saturday afternoon in April 1973, Ingo Swann remote viewed Jupiter from a lab at SRI. His experiment yielded 13 key pieces of then-unknown informational data about the giant gaseous planet. This data was circulated to several key scientists in the state of California for verification purposes; including two at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), where the Pioneer 10 craft was being operated. The raw data factors follow, which include the verification dates for Swann’s claims:

  1. The existence of a hydrogen mantle —confirmed September 1973 and again in 1975
  2. Storms and Wind —confirmed 1976 as to dimensions and unexpected intensities
  3. High infrared reading —confirmed 1974
  4. Temperature inversion —confirmed 1975
  5. Something like a tornado —confirmed 1976 as strong rotating cyclones
  6. Cloud color and configuration —confirmed 1979
  7. Dominant orange color —confirmed 1979
  8. Water/ice crystals in atmosphere —confirmed 1975
  9. Crystal bands that reflect radio probes —confirmed 1975
  10. Magnetic and electromagnetic auroras (or “rainbows”) —confirmed 1975
  11. A planetary ring inside the atmosphere —confirmed 1979, not only regarding its existence but also as being inside the crystallized atmospheric layers
  12. Liquid Composition —confirmed 1973 and again in 1976 as hydrogen in liquid form
  13. Mountains and solid core —Confirmed in 2006 as to the planet’s core having a consistency of rocky molten and hydrogen metals

This means all 13 of Ingo’s raw data factors regarding Jupiter ended up being “spot on” with a 100% accuracy rate. He gathered this data without visually observing the planet, setting foot upon its surface, or even physically leaving the Earth to obtain any information whatsoever. Nor did it take him years to reach his destination like the Pioneer 10 craft’s four-dimensional journey required.

Rather, he only had to use the inherently existent power of his 11th dimensional spirit self to tap into the implicate order where consciousness resides as an active force of intelligence, information and in this regard, life at its most fundamental level.

One of the physicists at SRI that Saturday afternoon recording Ingo’s data factors from his trip to Jupiter, Harold Puthoff, has written numerous books on his experiences during his employ for both the CIA and Stanford. One of his most telling quotes about his research is, “Today the vacuum of space is not regarded as empty. It is a sea of dynamic energy, like the spray of foam near a turbulent waterfall.”

His counterpart, Stanford Physicist and Lockheed Engineer Russell Targ (who we quoted on our Quantum Consciousness Course Menu page), elaborates further when he states, “Although each of us obviously inhabits a separate physical body, the laboratory data from a hundred years of parapsychology research strongly indicates that there is no separation in consciousness.”

Balancing Physical and Non-Physical Consciousness

an image of the universe inside ones own head

Let’s clear the air right now by saying this: Tiller’s test subjects are not special people with special gifts. Neither was Ingo Swann and his fellow remote viewers. Rather, they are all just people who learned how to balance physical and non-physical consciousness within themselves. This balance allowed them to synthesize and utilize all 5 layers and 11 dimensions of their human bio-body suits.

Yes, the proficiency to balance physical and non-physical consciousness is different for every person, and some people will undoubtedly have to work harder to accomplish this balance than others. However, every person on planet Earth with basic cognition, dedication and the desire to achieve learn to balance physical and non-physical consciousness inside themselves and thus, accomplish what these individuals have.

The variable that determines whether or not someone learns to balance physical and non-physical consciousness is not based on genetics, talent, race, religion or culture. Instead, the only variable that exists in balancing physical and non-physical consciousness is whether or not a human being chooses to get to know themselves on an 11 dimensional level, and in this regard learns to connect their spirit self to the implicate order that bonds and binds all of us to ourselves, each other and thus, the Universe-at-large on the most fundamental levels of existence. This is really all that makes the difference between becoming a powerful, active creator of consciousness, or remaining a powerless, passive observer in our interconnected 11th dimension Universe.

Learning to balance physical and non-physical consciousness is a process. It requires retraining our brain, via our neural pathways, to unlearn that which we have been taught, and taught ourselves about the relationship between 4-dimensional scientific materialism and the human experience. We now welcome you to proceed to Course IV, which delves further into the mind’s role in training the brain to balance the physical and non-physical consciousness equation. 

In Course IV, we take an in-deph look at how advances in various branches of Neuroscience are shedding new light on the role the mind plays in balancing physical and non-physical consciousness, as well as how we can begin retraining our brains to become open channels for our spirit selves, the implicate order and our 11th dimension Universe….

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our 11 dimensional Universe and cultivating human bio-body suit proficiency, please reach out to us directly….