Consciousness and Death

Course XI

Course XI: Physical Death and Consciousness Continuance

Course Outline: This course discusses the growing body of scientific research, as well as the existing societal and cultural archives, supporting the continuance of non-physical consciousness upon death of the physical person and life. This includes clinical and historical evidence supporting cyclical implicate order enfoldment-unfoldment, also known as “reincarnation.” If you have not yet taken Courses I-X, we recommend going back and doing so in order to understand the references we make to these courses during our discussion on physical death and consciousness continuance.

Physical Death in a Multidimensional Universe

a door opening to the clouds

The prevailing theme connecting Courses I-X is that of consciousness as much more than a passive state of being limited to the span of physical existence. Of course, physical consciousness is indeed a fundamental component of all human beings. However, and as we have exhaustively examined, physical component remains dependent upon its non-physical counterpart throughout a human being’s life. Whereas physical consciousness is limited to individual human beings (Field Theory), non-physical consciousness is shared by all human beings (Stream Theory).

This brings us to the topic of consciousness and death of what Physicist David Bohm (Course I) referred to as the “physical person and life.” The classical view of death in the modern world mirrors scientific materialism to the letter. Basically stated, that there is only a physical person and life, so death is where the consciousness of that person and life ends. Of course, in a 4-dimensional, material Universe comprised of mostly dead space, a human being is either alive and conscious, or else dead and permanently unconscious.

Describing what has become by scientists and laypeople alike our (assumed) pattern of evolutionary development leading to what will inevitably be our natural demise, Physicist David Darling states, “We —our minds —appear to be nothing more than an outgrowth of our living brains, so that inevitably we must expire at the moment our neural support structures collapse.” The assumption required to make this viewpoint work in a practical, pragmatic sense is that consciousness itself is merely a passive function of this outgrowth.

Thus, when the brain no longer facilitates this outgrowth, consciousness ceases, along with physical life, for the rest of eternity. However, in our multidimensional Universe, where the brain serves as a physical, electrochemical conduit to the non-physical electromagnetic bio-body suit layers of emotion, mind and ultimately, 11 dimensional spirit self, physical death does not affect what Bohm called the “non-physical person and life” in the same manner as its physical counterpart (Courses III and IV). Thanks to advances in modern technology, we can actually now begin to see how the human bio-body suit’s electromagnetic-electrochemical connectivity severs upon expiration of the physical person and life….

The Mind-Brain After Death

a graphic image of the brain melding into the universe

The most compelling scientific support for the mind-brain after death process comes from a 2017 research study commissioned by the National Institute of Health. The research team, consisting of doctors operating out of the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in Canada, drew data from electroencephalographic recordings to find evidence that brainwave activity continues for up to 30 minutes after physical death is declared.

Of the four subjects, only one sustained what researchers termed “long lasting and mysterious brain activity.” However, the other subjects’ brains all behaved differently during the declaration of death. This lack of electrochemical conformity led the research team to conclude that although its sample size is small, its inability to monitor a standardized pattern of post-mortem brain activity with properly functioning medical technology supports the scientific merit of the research study.

In order to frame the significance of the UWO study, let’s take this information and place it in the context of two studies we discussed in earlier courses: 1) the Blue Brain Project (Course IV) and 2) William Tiller’s Psychoenergetic Science experiments at Stanford (Course III).

To recap, the Swiss research team overseeing the Blue Brain Project used algebraic topography to accurately maps the properties of objects and spaces regardless of how they change shape. Through this process, the team found groups of neurons that form various “cliques,” or synonymous groups. The number of neurons in any one clique led to its size as a high-dimensional geometric object. The highest level the team was able to formulate was none other than the 11th dimension.

The 11th dimension is where the spirit self projects its information from (in the form of non-physical consciousness), as demonstrated by Tiller’s test subjects’ ability to manipulate the electromagnetic frequency of intention imprinted electrical devices, as well as the pH of hydrogen ions in water molecules. In a more human-based context, the spirit self is what Ingo Swann was able to consciously control and project across 4-dimensional spacetime when he remote viewed Jupiter from the laboratory at SRI that Saturday afternoon in April, 1973. In a linear chart sense, the connectivity between the non-physical spirit self, brain and emotional bio-body suit layers, and the physical dermal and wave substance layers (including the brain) is:

mind brain linear flow chart

Upon physical death, there occurs a severing of electromagnetic energy between the mind/emotional domains and the brain, as represented by the red line:

mental health linear chart

This severing process takes time to fully complete. According to the UWO study, at least 30 minutes after the dermal bio-body suit layers stop “living.” We say “at least” because the tolerance of our current medical technology can only record 30 minutes’ worth of activity. This severing process may actually take longer, but we have not yet created medical technology (Course VII) sensitive enough to detect the subtle energy fields involved in this severing process.

Based on this conglomeration of research sources, we can say at this point that as the death process commences, the non-physical person and life (i.e. non-physical consciousness) discorporates from its physical (consciousness) component. In this context, it makes logical sense that as death occurs, the non-physical spirit self-mind-emotional connection (11th, 10th and 9th dimensions respectively) would be the last to sever ties with their physical counterparts.

Once the 11 dimensional spirit self and its non-physical components fully discorporate, the mind and with it, all physical consciousness has ceased. At this point, all that remains is the mushy lump of tissue (the brain) that in and of itself has no real value. This now begs the question: If physical consciousness ceases but non-physical consciousness does not, what happens to the electromagnetic components of a person’s 11 dimensional bio-body suit? 

Enfoldment and Unfoldment

a person enfolding back into the implicate order after death

To answer this question, let’s revisit David Bohm’s ink drop experiments in Course I. According to Bohm’s research, there are two distinct states of consciousness: Enfoldment and Unfoldment. Unfoldment occurs when a physical object exists in its visually apparent state. In the case of his ink drop(s), the state of unfoldment exists when each drop rests physically separated in the viscous fluid. Enfoldment occurs when the physical object, or each ink drop, ceases to maintain a unique state of visual appearance.

At this point, the non-physically consciousness makeup of each drop still exists (as demonstrated by turning the cylinder back in the opposite direction). But the physical consciousness of each drop is temporarily suspended, meaning none of the ink drops maintain their material individuality at the point of enfoldment like they do during unfoldment.

Transferring the enfoldment-unfoldment process from ink drops to human beings…. once the 11 dimensional spirit self is free of all outer bio-body suit layers, it enfolds back into, or fully rejoins, the implicate order. As Enfoldment occurs, and just like the ink drop in Bohm’s concentric cylinders, the spirit self still retains a structural blueprint for another 4-dimensional unfoldment at some point in time.

In a bio-body suit context, unfoldment refers to the spirit self actively re-condensing a portion of its electromagnetic layers to the degree that a portion of them (around 5%) become 4-dimensionally electrochemical once again. Unfoldment leads to what human beings call a “lifetime.”Once the electrochemical-particulate bio-body suit layers reach their expiration point and that lifetime is over, the spirit self then enfolds itself back into the implicate order. This cycle of enfoldment and unfoldment is what many societies ancient and modern alike refer to as “Reincarnation.” But just where is the scientific evidence supporting reincarnation? Let’s take a look at that right now….

Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation

an image of two faces coming from the same cloud of consciousness

No modern day academic researcher has done more to validate the scientific evidence for reincarnation than Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson. During his life, Stevenson taught at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, and he also chaired the Department of Psychiatry for a decade in the 1960’s. Furthermore, Stevenson also founded UV’s School of Perceptual Studies to properly investigate what he called “parapsychological” phenomena. This includes reincarnation, which normally falls far outside the relatively narrow (subjective) confines of mainstream scientific inquiry. ​

evidence for reincarnation via a head wound

This image is from the article ‘ Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons’ by Dr. Ian Stevenson, which was presented at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration held at Princeton University. June 11-13, 1992.Thanks to Kevin at Near Death for the use of this image.

Stevenson spent over 40 years investigating more than 3,000 cases of reincarnation worldwide involving children who claimed to have past-life memories of traumatic events. The framework for his research was rooted in his hypothesis that memories, and even physical injuries (in the appearance of present-life birthmarks or birth-defect deformities) can be transferred from one lifetime to another. 

Ultimately, Stevenson’s exhaustive body of research demonstrated significant evidence these children had unusual phobias, abilities and/or conditions that could not be scientifically explained by heredity or environment alone. 

In one of his more well known cases, Stevenson studied a young boy from Thailand who claimed to remember the life of his paternal uncle who died before he was born. The boy’s uncle had been struck on the head with a heavy knife and was killed almost immediately.

​During his life, the boy’s uncle had also battled a chronic infection in his right large toe, which significantly impeded his mobility. Interestingly enough, the boy was born with a severe verrucous epidermal nevus, or skin overgrowth deformity, vertically across the back of his head in the same place his uncle was stuck with the knife that killed him.

What is more, the boy was also born with a permanently deformed nail on his right great toe. This means both of the child’s deformities correlated directly with the wounds of his deceased uncle, whom he never had the chance to physically meet.

Stevenson correlated birthmarks and deformities to wounds in 43 of the 49 cases that dealt specifically with this contextual variable set. This included 18 cases where two birthmarks correlated directly with recalled memories of gunshot wounds.

In 14 cases, one birthmark was larger than the other. In nine of these 14 cases, the smaller birthmark corresponded with what Stevenson would verify was the point of entry for the gunshot wound, with the larger corresponding with the exit wound.

Physicist Amit Goswami supports Stevenson’s research with his theories on what he calls “Quantum Memory.” Quantum memory occurs when the non-physical component of every person retains information about a past incarnation. This information is then projected upon our physical component in current and (potentially) future incarnations. Although we might not be consciously aware of this memory during any one incarnation, it is nonetheless an influence in our physical consciousness because, and just like the children Stevenson studied, it affects our everyday existences. As Goswami states:

“Our various incarnations in many different places and times are correlated beings, correlated by our intentions; information can transfer between these incarnations by virtue of non-local correlation. Behind the discreetness of the physical body and lived history of these incarnations, there exists a continuum, a continuum of the unfolding of meaning. Formally, the continuum is represented by the quantum monad (or the memory bank of non-physical consciousness), a conglomerate of unchanging themes and changeable and evolving vital and mental propensities, or karma.”

The very important caveat here is that these children were born with physical evidence of traumas from past unfoldments affecting their current unfoldments. This is because when the 11 dimensional spirit self unfolds back into a 4-dimensional, dermal existence, it carries with it all of the energy-frequency residue, as well as consciousness connections (in the form of interpersonal relations), from its previous live(s)…. for better or worse depending. This is called “Karma,” and it is a subject many externalized societies throughout human history have worked to mitigate through their religious practices.

The Externalized Karmic Cycle

wheel of life painting from a chinese temple

A wall painting of the Buddhist “Wheel of Life” from an ancient temple in China

The Egyptian priesthood (Course X) taught the karmic system to its initiates. In fact, the Egyptian word “Ka-Ma’at” means “balance and truth,” is thought by various scholars to be the etymological root of the word “Karma.” The Egyptians understood Ka-Ma’at as the “Wheel of Life,” in which one’s actions and behaviors not only bring about results for the physical person life in the here and now, but also for the non-physical person and life once spirit self discorporation occurs. In fact, one of the main impetuses for mummification in Ancient Egypt had to do with helping to complete the consciousness cultivation process for the non-physical person and life, in order to suspend re-birth under uncertain circumstances for an indefinite period of time.

The Hindu priesthood also understood and taught the karmic system. The Hindus believe one’s present lifetime is a conglomeration of situations, circumstances and relationships potentially spilling over from one’s past lives. Depending on the climate of those lives, the situations, circumstances and relationships one finds in his or her present life can seem either positive or not so positive to one’s perceptual biases.

The word “potentially” is used here because a caveat of the karmic system is that a human being can choose to rectify and reconcile situations, circumstances and relationships that were not positive through mind-body-spirit self individualization. It is important to note, however, the Hindu karmic system has a long list of detractors, including the original Buddha himself Siddhartha Gautama.

A large part of the dissent against the modern Hindu take on karma the is how “Caste System” persecutes some Indian citizenry for the benefit of others. This includes teaching people in lower castes (or classes) their suffering is prescribed through past-life karma and cannot be overcome in any other way than to struggle through this lifetime in its entirety. This draconian social policy is a far cry from the priesthoods of the ancient world, where initiates could work through their own blockages of karmic consciousness in order to ensure the next life was better than the present one regardless of how the initiate’s past lives shook out.

Buddhism also shares the Ancient Egyptians’ “Wheel of Life” philosophy. However and unlike Egypt, Buddhism teaches its adherents that there are 10 realms of being a human occupies throughout its span of multiple lifetimes. The Buddhist “wheel” is treated as a blueprint for cultivating non-physical consciousness during any one lifetime, in order to fulfill whatever duties, obligations or experiences a human being set out to accomplish before unfoldment in the present life took place.

If an adherent can successfully navigate all sections of the wheel (in one lifetime or more) to clear the bank of non-physically conscious memory, he or she can become free of the confines of the 10 realms… and, in doing so. move onto the 11th realm, or the state of spirit self awareness leading to conscious immortality. Although modern religions like Christianity and Islam, do not place any primacy on reincarnation, Jewish mysticism does, as Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai explains in The Zohar:

“Souls (or 11th dimensional spirit selves) must reenter the absolute substance (i.e. the implicate order) whence they have emerged. But to accomplish this end they must develop all the perfections, the germ of which is placed in them; and if they have not fulfilled this condition within one life, they must commence another, a third, and so forth.”

Even though Christianity, one of the largest and most influential religions of the past 1600 years, does not discuss reincarnation, Catholic doctrine does contain a glimpse of this when it states that human beings are “born in sin.” Let’s discuss this in the context of the trauma wounds Dr. Stevenson documented, the cyclical nature of non-physical consciousness in our multidimensional Universe, and the pruning process children undergo in our industrialized society, which depletes synaptic connections between the brain-mind and the 11 dimensional spirit self, i..e our multidimensional Universe….

The Science of Being “Born in Sin”

two children holding the earth in their hands

In our internalized, industrialized society, children are treated primarily as blank slates in need of “filling” through both formal and informal educative processes. This fulfillment comes primarily via a functional education intended to prune neural networks (Course IV) to the desired societal outcome (Course VI). Although many people consider the outcome of this process to represent the height of logic and intelligence, functional pruning results in a deadening of non-physical consciousness awareness.

By depleting children of this balance, we also rob their ability to understand why there have unfolded back into 4-dimensional consciousness to begin with. We can also potentially rob them of the ability to help others in kind. Although not a concern to our society en masse, it has been to others. For example….

In North America, the Dakota nation’s world for ‘child’ is “Wakanheza”, which in English means “sacred being.” Taoists understand being an adult is not the highest stage of human development. Rather, that distinction belongs to the independent, clear minded, all-seeing child at heart. According to the Tao Te Ching, the goal of human existence is to “return to the beginning, and become a child again.”  The Jewish sage the Nazarene also told his disciples, “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

What we modern day folks are missing is what Dr. Stevenson’s research indicates:Young children are still aware of their unfoldment, even if on a “raw intuitive, versus fully conscious level. ​This includes where their own cycles of implicate order enfoldment-unfoldment are concerned, as well as that of other human beings. Case-in-point: The Heidi Wyrick Story.

Heidi Wyrick and her family moved to the town of Ellerslie, Georgia in the early 1990’s. Shortly after her mother Lisa and father Andrew moved the family into their new home, Heidi began communicating with an “imaginary friend” she called Mr. Gordy. Lisa dismissed Heidi’s behavior as a lonely child’s overactive imagination. Her curious activities with Mr. Gordy included what appeared to Lisa as hand holding, tea parties, and even being pushed on her swing when she would play by herself in the backyard.

Heidi Wyrick

An udated image of Heidi Wyrick as a teenager

However, as time went on and Heidi kept talking to Mr. Gordy, Lisa became concerned. Then, Heidi began reporting communication with more “imaginary” people, including a man named “Con” who showed up on the front door of their house with his arm wrapped in a blood soaked towel, and another mysterious, mischievous man wearing a hooded sweatshirt Heidi first encountered in the hallway of their house.

This was part of a heightening of unexplained activity during 1993 when Lisa became pregnant with Heidi’s sister Jordan. Lisa recalled, “Heidi had never been scared of anything. She had never been scared of Con. She had never been scared of Mr. Gordy, but when she saw the dark figure in our hallway, she was hysterical.”

Two weeks after Jordan was born on February 3, 1994, Lisa noticed gashes running the length of Heidi’s face. She and Andrew simply assumed Heidi mistakenly scratched herself.

However, two nights later Andrew woke up with a searing pain from three claw marks running down the side of his torso. Heidi claimed that both her and his gashes resulted from the man in the hallway.

Around this time, the Wyrick’s began contacting academics and researchers with a stated interest in such matters. One of them was Psychologist Dr. William Roll from the University of West Georgia.

Although he was very open to meeting with the Wyrick family, he admittedly set out to disprove Heidi’s experiences within the framework of materialist 4-dimensional scientific inquiry from the get go.

With the many unexplainable goings on around the Wyrick household, Heidi’s aunt Joyce moved to Ellerslie to be closer to the family. One afternoon, Joyce was talking to Ms. Kelly, whose family had lived in Ellerslie for almost a century to that point, and who sold Joyce the house she currently resided in. Over the course of conversation, Ms. Kelly handed Joyce a piece of legal paperwork with the name “James Gordy” on it.

Upon prompting from Joyce, who was visibly shaken, Ms. Kelly explained Mr. James Scarbrough Gordy was not only a dear family friend, he had also been the caretaker of her late mother’s estate. In fact, and until his death in 1974, Mr. Gordy was a very beloved real estate agent and county commissioner in Ellerslie. However, the fact remained that this James Gordy had been dead for over a decade before Heidi was born.

Joyce was honest with Ms. Kelly about Heidi’s experiences, which led to Lisa, Joyce, Ms. Kelly and Dr. Roll presenting Heidi with a test of sorts in September of 1994. They showed her a stack of pictures of random men all from the same time period, and without any explanation of whom those men were. Heidi initially singled out a man who she said came to the Wyrick’s front door one afternoon with his arm bandaged and covered in blood. As it turns out, Ms. Kelly knew this man personally. He was her uncle Lon Batchelor, who had severed his hand in an accident before he died in 1957. Interestingly enough, and before Heidi was told his name, she referred to the man as “Con,” which for a small child’s vocabulary, is impressively similar to Lon.

Gordy Batchelor comparison image

An image of James Gordy (right) and Ms. Kelly’s brother Lon “Con” Batchelor

Lisa and Dr. Roll then gave Heidi a separate stack of photos of age appropriate men with Mr. Gordy’s photo mixed in. Heidi went through the images in an uninterested manner until she came to his. When she saw him, Heidi’s face lit up and she excitedly stated that was her friend Mr. Gordy. Heidi had no hesitation in correctly identifying him, even though she had never seen a material image of Mr. Gordy before that day.

dr william roll and heidi wyrick

The late Dr. William Roll and Heidi Wyrick

Furthermore and maybe most compelling, when Lisa and her father-in-law drove Heidi to the Park Hill Cemetery, where Mr. Gordy’s body is buried to the present day, Heidi almost jumped out of the car before they had the chance to park it.

She then ran directly to the area Mr. Gordy was buried, and was patiently waiting for both adults at his gravesite by the time they caught up to her.

The caveat here is that Heidi had not yet learned to read, so she had no way to tangibly know the name on the headstone was indeed James Gordy’s. How did Heidi know where to go in that cemetery?

Well, according to her, Mr. Gordy helped her find it —the same way he gently held her hand, pushed her on her backyard swing, and shared sandwiches with her those afternoons spent playing together.

​​Dr. Roll initially proposed dozens of potential scenarios for why Heidi might have thought she and her family experienced everything they did.

However, nothing the team proposed came close to providing a validated scientific explanation for the goings on in and around the Wyrick household. Theories from fault lines and electrical disturbances were floated to no avail. In the end, Dr. Roll finally relinquished the philosophical hat he wore for so many years as a materialist academic by admitting, “I am even more convinced that we are dealing with a genuine parapsychological experience.”

Although many children like Heidi can naturally sense and access what the Nazarene referred to as the “kingdom of heaven” that he told his disciples (Course X) exists not outside, but inside of everyone, many adults have pruned themselves away from it. This pruning has deadened the connection between the physical human being and non-physical consciousness via our multidimensional, implicate order Universe-at-large. 

Because of this, many children are pruned to become individualist, reductionist, materialist thinkers, just like their parents. In this regard, the greatest sin adults commit is indoctrinating children into 4-dimensional physical consciousness —instead of allowing the children to lead us all back to the multidimensional, non-physically conscious kingdom of heaven above and below, inside and out alike. ​

But just because it is that way en masse right now, doesn’t mean we cannot undertake the externalization process necessary to re-grow our neural networks and, in doing so, re-awaken and balance our physical and non-physical consciousness… or, that which we all inherently are on the most fundamental levels of being. If we strive to accomplish this, we can raise ourselves beyond mere physical existence, to a living, actualized kingdom of heaven on earth.

Recreating Our Consciousness Balance

gateway to immortality

 And just as some people will come to experience that kingdom for themselves from the inside out, others will choose to remain in a state of physical consciousness, with all the self-prescribed ailments that come with it. The Greek Philosopher Aristotle understood this physically temporal state as “hell” when he wrote “Hell is the knowledge of opportunity lost —it’s the place where the man I am, comes face to face with the man I could have been.”

In this context, heaven is nothing more than what Physicist Tiller once called this foreign, earthbound environment we physically unfold into and enfold out of time and again… that allows us have the opportunity to consciously illuminate our spirit selves and thus, find divine balance between the physically conscious person and life, and non-physically conscious person and life. Or, at least, it can be if we choose to dedicate ourselves to awakening and balancing both physical and non-physical consciousness to form a 100% complete human being and life, while we have the chance to do so.

In doing so we can gain self-empowerment, enlightenment, emancipation and efficacy by knowing ignorance and intelligence, hate and love, fear and understanding, intolerance and compassion. Only then can we make an informed and accountable decision to choose intelligence, love, understanding and compassion. Only then can we grow within and thus, outside of ourselves where service to, and evolution of, the human species is concerned. The Sufist Philosopher and Poet Kabir understood this to be the point of human existence, when he wrote:

“If you don’t break your ropes while you’re alive
Do you think ghosts will do if after?

The idea that the soul will join the ecstatic
Just because the body is rotten —that is all fantasy.

What is found now is found then. If you find nothing now,
You will simply end up with an apartment in the city of death

If you make love with the divine now, in the next life,
You will have the face of satisfied desire.”​

Our journey of quantum mind power cultivation has led us to and back from the source of everything that can possibly exist within the infiniteness and eternalness of our implicate order Universe-at-large. What we choose to do with our potential, and whom we choose to be based on how it translates from 11 dimensional thought intention to 4-dimensional tangible, practical reality is entirely up to each and every one of us.

The key that opens the door to our multidimensional Universe is the balance of physical and non-physical consciousness. Once we grasp hold of and commit to turning this key, the door will begin opening for each and every one of us. Will you choose to turn this key and walk through that door, or will you choose to remain on the outskirts of your own power, potential, peace and prosperity today and tomorrow alike? 

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