Advancing Psychoenergetic Science

Through Quantum Consciousness Awareness

“Our world needs massive expansions of consciousness to the point we can never imagine going back to the way we were before…. because doing so would mean willingly, consciously destroying that which we have become on the most fundamental levels of existence. Psychoenergetic Science is the key to this expansion, and it also represents the next evolutionary leap in the ever-unfolding Scientific Revolution.

Jeremy M. Shapiro, B.S., M. Ed

Facilitator, The Human Radio Educational Research Project

Quantum Consciousness Awareness

a man in a robe holding planet earth

The ever-growing body of research and experimentation is demonstrating that neither we, nor the Universe we exist in, are anything like what has been classically assumed. People around the world are beginning to question the traditional models of scientific inquiry, and break out of the old molds of thinking. We, like a growing number of others in the scientific and social establishments, are coming to understand that traditional forms of data collection and experimentation do not properly equip us to define, let alone analyze and quantify the nature of consciousness. Scientifically canonizing consciousness requires a revolutionary approach, and we understand that approach is found in the discipline of Psychoenergetic Science.

Our mission is to make Psychoenergetic Science accessible to everyone who seeks. In order to accomplish our mission, we commit to making Quantum Consciousness Awareness understandable to people of all backgrounds, cultures, religions and walks-of-life…. regardless of whether or not they have ever stepped foot in a clinical, laboratory setting. In this way, we are dedicated to creating the next generation of citizen scientists who no longer need to rely on authorities or gurus, be they academic or spiritual, for the guidance and wisdom they themselves are incredibly, inherently capable of providing.

To make Quantum Consciousness Awareness understandable, we have gone to great lengths compiling an exhaustive body of free coursework. We are also committed to amending this work as new information, research and experimentation arise that sheds further contextual light on the nature and nurturing of consciousness and the human condition. At the same time, we are committed to providing reliable, effective and ethical Psychoenergetic Consciousness development programs that allow everyday citizens to partake in this revolutionary science. Combining education and experimentation helps us accomplish our mission, and it also helps people across the globe fundamentally alter their conscious existences to benefit themselves, and the entire human species.

About The Human Radio Educational Research Project

The Human Radio Educational Research Project was founded in 2012 to present human beings of all cultural, religious, ethnic and professional backgrounds with information and tools they can use to advance their own evolutionary development. Since then, we have been privileged to work with people of many ages, national affiliations, and life situations. In order to protect the privacy and anonymity of the diverse group of people we guide and assist, we choose to remain a private organization that does not answer to any governing or regulating bodies other than our founders. On behalf of our founders and facilitator, we thank you for your interest, and for allowing us to help usher Psychoenergetic Consciousness into your life to whatever extent you are ready to receive it. If you have any questions about our organization, or if you would like to inquire about how we can be of service to you, we welcome you to contact us….

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If you have any questions about our mission to take Psychoenergetic Science worldwide by advancing Quantum Consciousness Awareness, we welcome you to contact us….