Our Multidimensional Universe

Course I

Course I: Consciousness in our Multidimensional Universe

Course Outline: This course examines the traditional model of physical reality based on a 4-dimensional Universe, and then compares this model to the the modern multidimensional Universe model. This includes various forms of research and experimentation that demonstrate consciousness is not a separate phenomenon unique to individuals, but is actually a collective phenomenon shared by individuals in a way that transcends, yet also bonds, physical reality.

Scientific Materialism: The 4-Dimensional Universe Theory

a man staring at a chalkboard full of scientific equations

Traditionally, scientists believed that everything in existence in the Universe can be seen, tested and therefore, quantified (or measured). Basically stated, if we cannot see something, then it does not exist. This belief is called “Scientific Materialism.” Scientific materialism infers that anything of a material (or physical) composition is considered within the realm of science to define, study and canonize.

Conversely, anything not of material composition is not considered to be science, nor scientific in nature. Scientific materialism is affirmed by numerical reductionism. “Numerical Reductionism” means that in order for something to be considered science or scientific in nature, it can be replicated by numbers in the form of mathematical equations that are quantitative (or can be numerically measured).

Scientific materialism and numerical reductionism are the foundational cornerstones for the traditional 4 dimensional Universe model. This model has formed the standard base of scientific inquiry since the beginnings of the Scientific Revolution in Western Europe, and the days of natural philosophers like Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei over 400 years ago now.

The 4 dimensional Universe is comprised of the following dimensions: Length, Width, Depth/Breadth and Time. All matter is made up of the first three dimensions. Although time cannot be seen, it is most definitely experienced by human beings as we physically age, while we observe a planet turn on its axis while encircling the Sun, or as we are making the most of our remaining mortality in the twilight years of our lives. This makes time an active physical force, or dimensional as well.  Within the 4 dimensional Universe, scientific inquiry must adhere to the following set of criteria in order to be considered credible:

  1. The physical world is made up of inert and changeless matter, and matter changes only in terms of location in (otherwise dead) space within a maximally four dimensional Universal arena
  2. Matter mirrors physical theory in that its behavior is inherently mathematical, and thus physical reality is essentially quantitative rather than qualitative
  3. Matter as the unchanging unit of physical reality can be exhaustingly understood by mechanics, or by the applied mathematics of motion
  4. The mind of the observer is separate from the observed system of matter, and the only bridge between the observer and the observed is through physical, mathematical law and theory

The Passive Observer Hypothesis of Consciousness

a person observing the Universe around them

Of course, there is one fundamentally essential aspect of the human condition conveniently absent from these four criteria, and this is no coincidence. This aspect also happens to be the largest elephant in the room where scientific inquiry is concerned over the past 400 years: Consciousness.

Consciousness as a topic of scientific inquiry has been marginalized since the days of Revolutionary-era theorists like Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Galileo Galilei and Robert Boyle and Renee Descartes. To those men, the inert and changeless nature of the physical material comprising the Universe, and man’s fundamental separation from all other physical matter, warranted little or no need to look into consciousness as anything more than a passive state of awareness.

Instead, man’s primary purpose was to observe the workings of nature around him, record those workings as theories of Universal functions and processes, and then test his records through proven scientific discourse (like mathematical equations) to determine the validity of his hypotheses. This is called the Passive Observer Hypothesis.”

 The passive observer hypothesis is the main reason scientific materialists have traditionally marginalized or outright ignored consciousness for the past four centuries. In an everyday sense, the passive observer hypothesis is best summed up through the “Field Theory of Individual Consciousness.”

The Field Theory of Individual Consciousness

Vietnamese farmers working in a tea field

Picture yourself standing in a field, much like these Vietnamese farmers who are hard at work harvesting tea leaves. The field theory of individual consciousness states that each of these farmers is, and will always remain, an autonomous, physical being with his or her own separate state of awareness.

The field itself represents dead space comprising most of the Universe, and that separates each individual being from one another in time, space and therefore, consciousness. In this field, each being must always remain separated from every other being because the material nature of their bodies, each that also seal in their own individual consciousness, cannot be shared.

Yes, two beings can interact with one another verbally, or even exchange a physical gesture like a handshake or hug, but that is the extent to which one person’s consciousness can affect another’s. Or, so states the field theory of individual consciousness. And in a physical sense, the field theory of individual consciousness does describe how our eyes perceive reality. There is a large problem with the field theory of individual consciousness, however.

Namely, it negates approximately 95% of our multi dimensional Universe that our eyes cannot perceive and that, as of this moment, cannot be mathematically reduced…. but that, and as we are about to discuss, is entirely real and absolutely critical to the existence of the 5% or so, the material Universe, our eyes do perceive when looking at those tea farmers laboring in that field. 

The Implicate Order: Our Dark Energy – Dark Matter Universe

the earth and the moon with the connective fabric of dark energy combining them

Although our eyes would only see two physical planets, in the earth and the moon, floating against a background of “dead” space that comprises our vast Universe, our dark matter-dark energy Universe is the connective fabric between all physical bodies and beings, people and planets included

What if we told you the physical Universe we see with our eyes only accounts for a minute amount of the Universe in its entirety? Well, it’s true. In fact:

Only about 5% our Universe is made up of the building blocks of physical material. The other 95% is made up of what we call the “Dark Universe.” Of this 95%, approximately 67% exists in a pure energy form (called “Dark Energy”), while the other 27% exists as a very rudimentary form of mass absent atomic particles (called “Dark Matter).

What do we call this dark energy – dark matter Universe? Well, Physicist David Bohm, the man who scientifically validated its existence, referred to it as the “Implicate Order.” According to Bohm’s exhaustive body of research, the implicate order is a structural framework incorporating energy patterns that filter down from the dark energy level, through the dark matter level, and finally to the physical level via a transcendental (so non-physical to physical) source of order. This means there are indeed higher, energy based dimensions that influence the physical, material dimensions our eyes see.

These energy patterns are programmed to naturally generate orderly forms and sequences of events that our eyes process as material reality in a 4-dimensional sense. Mathematician Richard L. Thompson attended several lectures Bohm gave during his life, including one at Syracuse University where he (Thompson) recalled:

“Bohm generally illustrates his ideas with an apparatus consisting of two concentric cylinders with the space in between filled with a viscous fluid such as glycerin. If a drop of ink is placed on the surface of the fluid and the outer cylinder is slowly rotated, the drop will be drawn out into a long, thin strand that ultimately will become invisible. If the outer cylinder is then slowly rotated in the opposite direction, the stretching out of the drop will be reversed, and at a certain time the drop will again become briefly visible. Then it will again stretch out and disappear as the rotation of the cylinder continues.”

Bohm was able to demonstrate time and again that the ink drop in the cylinder maintained an intelligent structural pattern; even though the ink drop was no longer present to human eyesight in its physical form.In this context, the implicate order serves as an energy-frequency “glue” comprised of the dark energy and dark matter Universe arranging and holding together the physical four-dimensional Universe on its most fundamental levels.

One of Bohm’s most significant implicate order definitions involves what he called “Enfoldment” and “Unfoldment.” Unfoldment occurs when the ink drop exists in its visually apparent initial state, and its recovered state after the cylinder is rotated backwards again. Enfoldment occurs when the ink drop stretches so thin that it no longer maintains a visual point of reference. During both unfoldment and enfoldment processes, the ink drop is still “in existence,” but it just happens to exist in differently perceivable states of composition, and therefore consciousness, at each stage of the process.

This was also the case when Bohm would put a blue and red ink drop in the concentric cylinder. After enough rotations, the blue and red drops were no longer individually visible, but instead had combined to form  a purplish colored paste. However, upon reversing course, the blue and red ink drops would return to their individual states again. In a consciousness sense, this indicates that each ink drop has its own intelligent energy pattern that structures, and restructures it based on its relative position to the physical Universe at any given time. 

We have included two videos here from the Physics Lab at the University of New Mexico that demonstrate similar experiments to that which Bohm undertook multiple times throughout his life:

As revolutionary as this discovery might seem, the implicate order actually validates the first theory of thermodynamics, or the conservation of energy, and its counterpart, the conservation of mass. Both theories state that in a closed system energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed. So, in our multi dimensional Universe, we have a set amount of energy. Some of this energy is invisible and some is visible. As the ink drop drifted in and out of physical existence (or consciousness), it still retained a non-physical existence (or consciousness) that was not dependent upon its physical counterpart.

In fact, the exact opposite is true, in that the material ink drop (or physical consciousness) was dependent on its fundamental energy-based structure (or non-physical consciousness) in order to exist in the first place, as well as re-materialize from a remanufactured energy state. The ink drop itself is what we call “Explicate Action.” Explicate action is the physical, 4-dimensional outcome of implicate order processes. It is simply the minute portion of the implicate order our eyes can see.

The Stream Theory of Collective Consciousness

Vietnamese fishermen fishing in a stream

Returning to the field theory of individual consciousness, implicate order research and experimentation demonstrates that, although the farmers in the field appear separate from one another in a physical sense, and in this context they are, each farmer is deeply interconnected with every other farmer in a consciousness sense.

Moreover, the field all the farmers are standing is is not actually dead space, but instead it is actually teeming with life in the form of dark energy and dark matter bonding physical matter together in an intelligent structural sense. We call this the Stream Theory of Collective Consciousness.

The stream theory of collective consciousness states that consciousness is more like a stream than a field. In the image of Vietnamese fishermen wading in a stream, the water in that stream flows around, over and even inside of them them (through ears, nose and mouth). Altough each fisherman is an individual physical being, the stream itself (or consciousness) connects all of the fishermen together in a larger, holistic sense.

Of course, theis theory works nicely with our fisherman versus farmer metaphor, and equally, neatly so with Bohm’s ink drops in their concentric cyliners. But how does the stream theory of collective consciousness work in everyday reality on a human level?

The Global Consciousness Project

the earth surrounded by energy

Cognitive Psychologist Roger Nelson was the Coordinator of Research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey from 1980-2002. In 1997, he founded the “Global Consciousness Project (GCP),” which built upon research Professor Emeritus Robert Jahn and his research associate, Brenda Dunne undertook in the 1980’s on the role the mind plays in consciousness and intention.

Nelson gathered an exhaustive body of research studying the effects of human thought intention on energy sensitive engineering equipment called “Random Event Generators (REGs).”

A REG is a small black box containing a single computer chip that is programmed to generate two potential numbers, 1 and 0, in a random “heads or tails” sense. As it is being recorded, data is translated to numerical odds based on the probability randomness could explain the numerical patterns being generated by thought intention projection.

Jahn and Dunne’s original research with members of the general public showed that human beings without previous experience with thought intention projection could indeed alter the random sequence of the REGs by concentrating their thoughts in producing more 1s or 0s. Based on the body of evidence gathered, the project was deemed successful with a less than one in one billion probability that random chance dictated the outcome.

In the late 1990’s, Nelson used the launch of the GCP to expand Jahn and Dunne’s limited REG research with larger groups of people. This included hosting meditation groups on college campuses (including Princeton) with the goal of having multiple individuals come together in a group consciousness sense to affect the REGs.

a colorful web of energy and information

In these forums, Nelson was able to achieve the same positive results Jahn and Dunne enjoyed a decade earlier. Nelson then decided to expand the project even further.

Using the power of a newly burgeoning technology, the Internet, he placed 40 REGs at various locations around the world and connected them to his computer at PEAR.

For months afterward, the data he gathered from these devices was fairly uneventful. However, on September 6, 1997 the “eggs” (his name for the remote REGs), Nelson recorded a huge data event, indicating a significant departure from randomness:

This event coincided directly with the funeral of Princess Diana of Wales, which was watched live by over one billion people at the same time.

​By 1998, the Global Consciousness Project was in full swing and Nelson had a total of 65 REGs placed across 41 countries. Nelson periodically recorded sizable data alterations at home and abroad during large-scale social occurrences, including Super Bowls and television award shows when large groups of people would focusing their conscious intentions on the same events. However, his next huge data event would not come about until late 2001, when:

At 8:45am Eastern Standard Time (EST) on September 11, 2001, Nelsons REG’s recorded a startling consciousness shift. This was the exact same time a hijacked airliner struck the first Twin Tower in New York City. All of Nelson’s “eggs” worldwide recorded an extremely high “odds against chance” probability of almost 300 to 1, whereas standard baseline variations rarely if ever break 50 to 1 odds.

Even more interesting is that starting at around 3:00am EST; the odds began to rise well above normal baseline odds, culminating in the huge spike as the attacks commenced. To Nelson and his counterparts, this phenomenon indicated the existence of some sort of collectively unconscious bond between many individual different human beings’ consciousness within the Universe-at-large.

They also felt it indicated the potential ability for human beings to consciously pre-conceptualize an event before it physically occurs, but as it is being set in motion by the thought intention output of the people planning to carry out the attacks. This finding challenges the notion of time as being a constant influence over all dimensions in our multidimensional Universe. If it was, then it would be physically impossible to have precognition of events because in a 4-dimensional Universe, the past, present and future are all distinct states that cannot overlap in a consciousness sense. So while time does indeed influence physical reality, it does not appear to influence non-physical reality in the same manner.

This same type of bonding phenomenon appeared in December of 2004, 24 hours before the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people. 

Nelson’s experiments with the REG devices demonstrate the same phenomenon as Bohm’s ink drop: That the energy-based nature of consciousness (or the stream) means everything comprised of physical material is not only connected, but the stream all physical material exists in also influences each piece of physical material on the most fundamental levels of conscious existence…. human beings included. 

Quantifying Quantum Spirituality

a physical person floating in multiple dimensions of reality

The ever-growing body of scientific research and experimentation is demonstrating that the 4-dimensional Universe we thought we knew so very well is actually much more complex and intelligently conscious than has traditionally been acknowledged. This is okay. And for that matter, scientific materialism is still okay. In fact, scientific materialism has brought us so much in the way of quality-of-life technology and more over the past several hundred years.

However, scientific materialism has also fallen well short of dealing with the the non-physical Universe. The good thing is that we are finally able to help this process along, while developing a responsible, tangible blueprint for validating the non-physical…. or, as we can now scientifically quantify it, the “Spiritual.” We understand this word, classically speaking, signaled the end of legitimate science and the beginning of pseudoscience. But that is no longer the case.

In terms of Quantum Spirituality, we define this term to mean the awareness and understanding of, as well as the conscious control over, the non-physical energy-based dimensions that influence the physical, material dimensions of length, width, depth/breadth and time. 

After all, non-physical energy is the basis for experimentation and theory in Quantum Physics and specifically, Quantum Mechanics that studies the processes and products of the micro, teeny-tiny level of particles and even smaller things that we will discuss in depth in Course II. 

Unlike “Multiple Worlds” and other popular theories that posit an infinite amount of Universes existing outside of our own 4-dimensional Universe, research from scientists like Bohm and Nelson indicate that we don’t need to speculate about such things that might (or might not) exist beyond our control or ability to access… anymore than we need to spend time speculating about the existence of God, the Devil or anything of the sort. Instead, we owe it to ourselves, our children and our species to begin reconceptualizing and re-accessing our very conscious, very interconnected multidimensional Universe.

We can begin the evolutionary development and discovery process by embracing Quantum Spirituality, and thus by working toward tuning ourselves into the stream of consciousness around and inside of all of us on the most fundamental level of existence: The Quantum Spiritual Energy Level.

In Course II, we delve deep into how our multidimensional Universe influences the energy that creates physical matter, as well the non-physical substances that strucutre consciousness on the most fundamental levels of existence….

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