Quantum Consciousness Curriculum

for Cultivating Quantum Mind Power

“Although each of us obviously inhabits a separate physical body, the laboratory data from a hundred years of parapsychology research strongly indicates that there is no separation in consciousness.”

Russell Targ

Physicist and Engineer, Stanford University and Lockheed

What is “Quantum Consciousness?” It is a state of awareness, wherein a human being is able to discern between, while at the same time equally experience, separate physical nature of human existence and the inseparable, non-physical energy transcendence between all separate physical forms. This “energy transcendence” is what we call consciousness. But why “Quantum?”

Because part of the textbook definition of Quantum is “a discreet quantity of energy.” This energy is physically unobtrusive and relational to the frequency it represents. This makes Quantum Consciousness the perfect way to describe the lack of non-physical (energy-based) separation that exists between individual physical forms…. be those physical forms people, or vials of water and electromagnetic devices like the ones Physicist William Tiller experimented on as part of his extensive Psychoenergetic Science research during his tenure at Stanford University.

The human mind is the link to experiencing Quantum Consciousness. However, by the time we reach adulthood, we have been cognitively wired (through schooling and society) to only perceive ourselves and others as separate physical beings, each with our own individual consciousness. Therefore, in order to experience Quantum Consciousness for ourselves, we must “unwire” and then “rewire” our minds to include the inseparable, non-physical portion of the consciousness equation.

This rewiring process cultivates what we call “Quantum Mind Power.” Cultivating Quantum Mind Power is necessary to achieve Psychoenergetic Consciousness, which is the state of awareness that allows us to deliberately project our thought intentions onto physical reality.

Cultivating Quantum Mind Power

There are two components necessary for activating Quantum Mind Power. The first is an educative component. The educative component activates Quantum Mind Power by merging disciplines and industries that, in large part, currently remain disparate from one another.

The second is an experimentation component. Quantum Mind Power experimentation takes place via a Psychoenergetic-based meditative modality that permanently refashions neural pathways (or "wires") in our brains. This refashioning results in a sustained alteration of consciousness, which allows for "at-will" interactions between the individual human mind and the inseparable energy transcendence connecting all human minds together.

How can we begin reprogramming our perceptions of reality to activate Quantum Mind Power? By re-conceptualizing the bases of knowledge our society creates reality from. In order to accomplish this, we must first identify the four main areas of knowledge as they currently exist....

The Hard Sciences including Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy that help frame our understandings of the boundaries of physical reality, as well as our place in, and our relationship with, the Universe-at-large

The Social Sciences including History, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology and Sociology that help frame our understanding of our relationships with ourselves and our human neighbors near and far alike

The Life Sciences including Biology, Medical and Behavioral Healthcare, and Neuroscience that help frame how we view and treat our own health and  wellness processes, as well as the health and wellness of others

The Attainment Sciences including Emancipation, Empowerment, Enlightenment and Efficacy that frame how we internally view, understand and treat ourselves as infinitely powerful, capable and intelligent beings

By contextually reframing these disciplines and industries, we begin to open our minds to Quantum Consciousness. Then, with the assistance of our Psychoenergetic modality, we can work toward attaining Quantum Mind Power. This power leads us to demonstrate a sustainable, permanent Psychoenergetic Consciousness-based response in our everyday lives. Are you ready to re-educate? Then venture down to our curriculum below....

Quantum Consciousness Program Curriculum

Exploring the Quantum Physics and Consciousness Connection

Welcome to The Human Radio Educational Research Project’s Quantum Consciousness Program Curriculum. Each educational course in this program explores different facets of the quantum physics and consciousness connection. By the end of these courses, you should be at a point where you able to tangibly conceptualize the connection between quantum physics and mind power, as well as how this connection directly correlates with achieving Psychoenergetic Consciousness in your everyday life.

The courses are deliberately scaffolded. They are structured and ordered to deliver upon an informational foundation, much like the curriculum in a formal classroom. You can read through these courses in any order you wish, but we recommend beginning with Course I and moving forward in order.

This information presented in these courses is readily available for anyone to benefit from, whether or not you are a student in our private Psychoenergetic Consciousness Program. However, these courses only cover the educational component of Quantum Mind Power, and not the experimental component. The only way to receive the experimental component is to petition for membership in our Psychoenergetic Consciousness Program. In order to access each course, simply click on the boxes below.

If you have any questions about how quantum physics and consciousness connect you do not find the answers to herein, or if you would like to learn more about our Psychoenergetic Consciousness program admission process, we welcome you to reach out to us directly and we will be happy to help you…. 

the earth surrounded by energy dimensions

I. Welcome to Our Multidimensional Universe

This course compares the traditional 4-dimensional Universal model to the modern multidimensional physical and non-physical Quantum model

an energy based atomic particle

II. Energy and Consciousness Particle Physics

This course dives deep into the energy-based makeup of particles and how that energy is conscious at its most fundamental level of existence

the 11 dimensional human being thumbnail image

III. 11 Dimensional Consciousness Cultivation

This course defines and quantifies the Universe and humans as physical and non-physical 11th dimension structures of consciousness

neural pathway thumbnail image

IV. The Neuroscience of Consciousness

This course explains how our perceptions of reality are formed and how education influences the balance of multiple consciousness

molecules of emotional hormone secretion image

V. Gaining Control Over Molecules of Emotion

This course threshes out how molecules of emotion and human bias shape and perpetuate our perceptions of reality from the inside out

course 6 thumbnail image

VI. How Science Influences Consciousness and Society

This course discusses how consciousness and society are influenced by 400 years of scientific materialism and cultural individualism

course VII thumbnail image

VII. How Consciousness Influences Medicine

This course discusses how non-physical consciousness and medicine are making strides toward fundamentally reframing the Life Sciences 

mind and brain connection thumbnail image

VIII. How Consciousness Influences Behavioral Health

This course explains how non-physical consciousness adds the much-needed missing context to behavioral healthcare and overall mental wellness

course IX sphinx thumbnail image

IX: History Molds Present and Future Consciousness

This course examines how recording and recounting past historical events shapes consciousness in both the present and future states

consciousness and religion thumbnail image

X. How Consciousness Influences Religion

This course discusses how religious externalization is essential for awakening and balancing physical and non-physical consciousness  

an image of the gateway to immortality

XI. Consciousness Upon Physical Death

This course delves into the final physical frontier: Death, and discusses the multidimensional implications of continued non-physical consciousness

undertaking a journey of consciousness

XII: Develop Psychoenergetic Consciousness

Are you ready to get started on your own personalized, experimental journey of Psychoenergetic Consciousness Development?

Have Questions?

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