Quantum Consciousness Curriculum

for Advancing Psychoenergetic Science

“Although each of us obviously inhabits a separate physical body, the laboratory data from a hundred years of parapsychology research strongly indicates that there is no separation in consciousness.”

Russell Targ

Physicist and Engineer, Stanford University and Lockheed

What is “Quantum Consciousness?” Quantum Consciousness is the ability for a human being to scientifically tune into the non-physical, energy-based force of creation that bonds and binds all physical forms of matter together. This includes material objects like people and planets. Every material object, from the smallest particle to the largest planet and everything in between, is comprised of an individual material substance and an inseparable, non-physical energy substance. This energy substance is the “spiritual,” while the material substance is the “physical.” Quantum consciousness allows for an “energy transcendence” between the physical and spiritual components of existence.

But why “Quantum?” The textbook definition of Quantum is “a discreet quantity of energy.” Discreet energy is physically unobtrusive but nonetheless very influential over the material objects it creates. Discreet energy is also called “subtle energy” because of its subtle, or inconspicuous presence versus  visible light energy that our eyes perceive as solid and thus, “real.” In a scientific context, “Spirituality” is the conscious ability to tune into, define then measure (or “quantify”), and control the flow of discreet “spiritual” energy during its transcendence in and out of material states of consciousness.

Spiritual consciousness and material consciousness are two distinct, yet potentially interdependent states of being. A human being can spend his or her entire life in a state of material consciousness, without ever being actively aware of his or her spiritual consciousness. Conversely, a person who reaches a state of spiritual consciousness can use it to alter his or her material reality. This process is the basis for achieving Psychoenergetic Science proficiency.

The human mind is either the gateway or the barrier to experiencing Quantum Consciousness. By the time we reach adulthood, we have been cognitively wired to only perceive ourselves and others as separate physical beings, each with our own individual, material states of consciousness. Some of this wiring is due to natural neural processes like synaptic pruning, but some of this is also due to cultural influences that place primacy on material reality while marginalizing spirituality. In order to experience Quantum Consciousness for ourselves, we must “unwire” and then “rewire” our minds to include the inseparable, spiritual portion of the consciousness equation.

Unwiring and rewiring our neural pathways to facilitate a scientific connection with spiritual consciousness requires work. This work cannot be performed by peering into a microscope or through a telescope. This work can only be performed by looking deep within the Universe the comprises each (and all) of us. That is how Psychoenergetic Science works both clinically, and in an everyday “real world” context. You can begin your journey of Quantum Consciousness cultivation by watching Physicist and Professor William Tiller discuss the revolutionary form of scientific inquiry known as “Psychoenergetics.”

Introduction to Psychoenergetic Science

In a less scientifically sounding manner, but just as scientifically valid context, let’s discuss how Tiller’s experiments work. A test subject is able to meditatively venture deep inside of him or herself (dimensionally) to connect, and then project his or her spiritual intention to the larger spiritual consciousness that bonds and binds all individual, material forms of consciousness (or physical objects) together. As a result of this proficiency, the test subject successfully connects, or in quantum physics lingo, “entangles” his or her subtle intention with the subtle energy field of the host device. This host device is called an intention imprinted electrical device (IIED),  These IIED devices were created for the specific purpose of defining and recording subtle energy transmissions between two material objects. These objects can be inanimate, such as the electrical devices themselves or water molecules, as well as animate objects like human beings. Where does this subtle energy originate from? From our multidimensional Universe, which we will discuss right now….

Our Multidimensional Universe

a graphic image of the web of subtle energy connecting material objects like the earth and moon
Our multidimensional Universe consists of various forms of visible and non-visible electromagnetic and subtle energy. There is only one Universe with material and spiritual consciousness components. Electromagnetic energy’s wavelengths correspond with certain vibrational frequencies. Electromagnetic energy closer to visible light has lower vibrational frequencies and longer, more measurable wavelengths. Subtle spectrum energy has very high vibrational frequencies and very short wavelengths. About 95% of our Universe is comprised of this subtle, or “dark” structure, with about 67% in dark energy form and 27% in dark matter form. Only about 5% is photon-dense visible light energy subject to time, space and gravitational influence. Subtle energy acts as a web that creates, bonds (or “glues”) and influences every object made of visible light energy, including humans.

Collective Spiritual Consciousness

Within our multidimensional Universe, our earth is an organic semiconductor of vibrational energy. This is called “collective spiritual consciousness,” because we share this non-visible energy with each other and our host. Everything that exists materially begins as spiritual consciousness on a subtle energy level. As subtle energy condenses its frequencies and lenghtens its wavelengths, it gives way to electromagnetic, phyisical and eventually, visible light energy. The Schumann Resonance, or earth’s electromagnetic field, bonds material objects together on a spiritual level. Generally 7.83 Hz, it influences human beings through alpha and beta waves, which are produced during deep sleep and meditation respectively. When we tap into these states of consciousness within ourselves, we connect to the collecive spritual consciousnesss of everyone and everything else.

The earth's electromagnetic field

11 Dimensions of Consciousness

the spiritual and physical portions of a human being

How can we access the Schumann Resonance? With Psychoenergetic Science. Tiller’s research indicates human beings are comprised of 11dimensions of vibrational energy. Only 4, length, width, depth/breadth, and time are visible light energy-based. The other 7 are comprised of energy existing on the electromagnetic and subtle energy spectrums. Our bodies, or as Tiller calls them our “Human Bio-Body Suits,” are comprised of 5 layers that form our 11 dimensional selves. These layers are the dermal, wave substance, emotional, mental and spirit-self layers. Each layer has its own combination of dimensional frequencies, from the visibly apparent 4-dimensional dermal layer (i.e, our physical bodies) to the 11-dimensional spirit self layer, which is comprised of subtle energy. With 11 dimensions, the spirit-self imprints our intentions on our Multidimensional Universe.

Neural Networking

What impedes our ability to harness all our 11 dimensions? Our “neural networking.” As we age, our brains prune our synapses to create and sustain our realties. This is a natural process, but we live in a society that favors material consciousness over spirituality. Educational and social conditioning  helps maintain a reality space where the physical world appears real, and spiritual consciousness does not. Our electrochemical processes, including molecules of emotion like “neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones” maintaining homeostasis, form reality spaces where we perceive other material objects as separate from ourselves, instead of spiritually connected with distinct material footprints. This impedes our ability to recognize our spirit-selves, and to tap into collective spiritual consciousness on both quantum and human levels. 
an image showing how our brains process electrochemical stimuli

Scientifically Spiritual-Subtle Consciousness

two human beings connecting on a subtle energy level

By unwiring and rewiring our neural networking, we can learn to overcome the blockages preventing quantum consciousness that we place upon ourselves, and those placed upon us by society. As a result, we can cultivate a scientifically quantifiable subtle energy connection with the spiritual consciousness that permeates every  dimensionary level of our multidimensional Universe. This includes forging a very powerful connection with our 11-dimensional spirit selves, as well as the spirit-selves of all other living beings we share our earth with human and non-human alike. Perhaps nowhere is this better understood than with the practice of vibrational medicine. You can learn about vibrational medicine by reading a White Paper from the Tiller Institute outlining the revolutionary healing potential of subtle spiritual consciousness on children labeled Autistic.

The Power of Psychoenergetics

How powerful is spiritual consciousness? For the past 50 years, various U.S. government agencies affiliated with the Department of Defense, including the C.I.A., D.I.A and N.S.A. have invested millions of dollars in Psychoenergetics programs. Beginning in 1972 with a (then) classified experiment at Stanford Research Institute overseen by Stanford Physicists Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ, the power of subtle energy transmission has been successfully used for various to military purposes. Many government sponsored Psychoenergetics experiments focus on observing targets of interest (also called “remote viewing”). This was first undertaken by a man named Ingo Swann, who (among other things) remote viewed Jupiter in 1973 and “brought back” 13 points of very specific data that would all be verified as factual over the next 30 years.

an image of a remote viewer

Cultivating Psychoenergetic Consciousness

a gateway to a higher dimensional awareness

Every human being with sufficient cognition and the sincere desire to learn has the ability to cultivate a revolutionary Psychoenergetic connection between their spiritual and material levels of consciousness. Cultivating Psychoenergetic Consciousness is a process, in which students learn how to remove their own neural and spiritual blockages that prevent a deliberate, sustainable connection with all the layers of their bio-body suits, including their 11-dimensional spirit-selves. This process must begin with the sincere desire to get to know one’s holistic 11-dimensional self above and below, inside and out alike. Students who complete our Psychoenergetic Consciousness Coaching Program earn the acute ability to become intentional vehicles for energy transcendence from the subtle-spiritual to visible-material levels. To learn more about our programs, please click here.

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